Dear BandS Partners, I’ve been told by those who know how to raise money for charities that if you want support you must report. I have been neglectful in reporting to you and have failed to assign the task to others. Please let this be our Thanksgiving thank you, our end-of-the-year report, and our plea to make December the largest contributing month of the year.

Here’s What You Have Done in 2016

Be encouraged by the successful missions to Indonesia. You completed 747 cataract surgeries in 2016. We share equally in this ministry with Caris Foundation. We accomplished this in two trips. Once again, BandS board members Danny Carrigan and Greg Smith witnessed these surgeries.


This March, you were responsible for cataract removal surgery on 509 eyes in three locations in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. At Perdagangan Hospital in Simalungun, we completed surgeries on 269 eyes, at Porsea Hospital in Balige-Tobasa another 110 eyes, and at our final location in Sidikalang, 130 eyes. Our surgeons, Drs. Pinto Pulungan and Jusni Saragih, from Medan, are extremely professional and proficient, accomplishing these surgeries in just three long days. (See Slideshow)


In October, the team was able to complete 238 more eye surgeries on the island of Nias. (See Slideshow) Your continued support over the years has enabled us to complete over 6,000 eye surgeries in Indonesia since we began ten years ago. (Watch Video)


We often fail to mention the other work we do in Indonesia. Connor’s House in Jakarta has a feeding program that serves families living in the garbage. Connor’s House also cares for a number of single mothers and their new born babies. We do not oversee this work, but we do contribute money for its operation.

We are equally encouraged with what’s happening in Vietnam. The Anh Ngu 586 English Center has been in operation for two years and five months in Can Tho City in the Mekong Delta area. It has 200 students and we have a waiting list for additional students. Ngan Huynh is in charge of our English School and is doing an amazing job.


Poor children here can’t afford to take the supplemental English that is necessary to pass their tests and move on. They only take one hour per week in school. Learning English here is important to advance in school and vocationally going forward in life. The need is so great that we are now starting a new English school, Connor English Center, about 45 miles from Can Tho. (Watch Video)


Ngan has already completed the construction of the new school and has the staff in place to open this school soon after the first of the year.


Our work in the Philippines is a blessing to many. BandS board member Bill Lawrence coordinates efforts there. The Tree of Life Ministry, continues to prosper. With your help sponsoring students in this program, we assist over 90 who are in need of clothing, books, tuition and food.


We continue with our program to pay for cleft lip and palate surgeries. Our surgeon in Cebu has undergone surgery and will not be available for a few weeks. Most of the children in this program come to us malnourished and we have to provide nutrition for a few weeks before we can do surgery.


There are so many encouraging stories. I want you to know about a single mom that we have been working with for five years. This morning she let me know that she has passed the Board Examination that qualifies her to teach. Liza has struggled and achieved what many thought she could not. Much credit must go to her and to her mentor Salma Perocho. I am so proud of Salma and Liza.


Additional Special Needs we responded to in 2016:

• Fiji – Disaster Relief

• Philippines – Disaster Relief (Typhoon)

Nigeria Christian Hospital

Earth Wide Surgical Foundation (Nigeria)

• Liberia (Fatal Accident)

• USA (Louisiana hurricane)

• Kenya (Amy’s Kids)

• China Missions – Cleft surgeries and one open-heart surgery

South Sudan Vocational School


Thank you for what YOU did in 2016! We count on and appreciate your continued support in 2017, John C. Bailey




Body and Soul Ministries has no office expense or salaries and spends 100% of funds directly on projects. We have a working fund that pays for reporting and administrative expenses. We hope you will consider making a contribution.



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