The ability of BandS to provide medical care to the under-served depends on the combined generosity of ordinary people. Each contribution is an individual act of kindness that is unique. Some give their time, as well as paying their travel expenses, so they can participate in medical mission trips. For others, this is not possible, but their monetary contributions are a vital element in the operation of BandS.


When BandS participates in free health care clinics, we always need medical supplies and often other extraneous expenses, such as local translators or the cost of renting a facility. Beyond the clinics, our special surgery programs generate a large need for donations. These were developed to provide basic, inexpensive procedures that can dramatically improve the lives of those treated. The programs target specific countries and utilize local health providers to conduct surgeries for such conditions as cataracts or cleft lips and palates.


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Also important to our organization is the effort to help other countries develop their own health care services. This sometimes involves large projects where we build facilities in remote areas. For these endeavors, we rely heavily on the generosity of our donors who understand what a tremendous difference this makes in the lives of the local people.


BandS greatly appreciates any donation amount, and because we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, all contributions are tax deductible. We have a very low overhead, which is paid by a pre-arranged donor, so all other contributions go directly to helping those in need. General donations are directed to the most current need. However, some people prefer giving directly to a specific cause, so this can be indicated with the offering.


Options for our surgical programs include:
$125 – Cataract surgery for one eye
$250 – Surgery for a cleft palate or lip
$1000 – Surgery for a spina-bifida patient
$2000 – Open-heart surgery for a child with congenital heart disease


Or you can fund an entire health care clinic:
$10,000 – Treatment for 3,000 patients


Please  Give Online  or send donations to:

   BandS Ministries
   P.O. Box 1926
   Colleyville, Texas  76034


If you would like to honor a loved one by setting up a memorial fund, please call us at 817.480.2156, or email us at



Volunteering for a medical missionary trip is a very unique experience. It requires a week or two of your time, some of which is spent working long days. However for many people, it's a life changing experience. We recommend you try it, even if you only make one trip. But you may find yourself returning periodically, and for some, the experience keeps them coming back every year.


Traveling overseas requires the right preparations, which vary depending on the country. So BandS provides information on required documents and inoculations, as well as insurance options and general advice. The mission of these trips is to help those in need, but we are always looking out for the safety of our volunteers. We also like to provide a day or two to relax and tour the country, because for many people, experiencing a foreign culture is part of the attraction to this type of service.


The only way that BandS can routinely participate in medical missions is to have volunteers pay their own travel expenses, including airfare and some food and lodging. The cost is quite reasonable, and will average about one to two thousand dollars, depending on the country. Living and working conditions vary greatly, so we work with volunteers to provide a trip that matches their experience and expectations.


We routinely look for these medical specialties:

  •    Anesthesiologists
  •    Dentists
  •    General Surgeons
  •    Nurse Practitioners
  •    Nurses
  •    OB-GYN Physicians
  •    Ophthalmologists
  •    Optometrists
  •    Oral Surgeons
  •    Orthopedic Surgeons
  •    Pharmacists
  •    Physician Assistants
  •    Plastic Surgeons
  •    Primary Care Physicians


On most trips, there is also a need for non-medical volunteers. This includes translators and those who just want to help by setting up clinics, processing patients and caring for kids whose parents are being treated. For more information on individual trips, visit the "Countries" section of this web site. For details on upcoming trips, visit the "Calendar" section. And please, feel free to call for more information at 817.480.2156 or send an email to