Panama is the southern most country of Central America, and over half of its population live in the two cities closest to the Panama Canal, Panama City and Colon. The rest of the population live in more rural conditions where medical services are much less prevalent. BandS travels to these areas to participate in free clinics hosted by various organizations, and we contribute by providing volunteers and medical supplies.


Patient care in Panama

Trips to Panama usually take a week. It's a good experience for volunteers who have some medical mission experience, but are still looking for good conditions. The clinics can draw extremely large crowds, so volunteers can expect to work very long days. However, make-shift clinics are usually held in public buildings, so working conditions are still good. And the overnight accommodations are usually good also, with participants sometimes staying in army barracks left by the US.


The people of Panama are warm and grateful for the kindness they receive. We often take time to worship with local churches, and clinics sometime inspire those treated to become Christians. It is a rewarding experience for volunteers, and they also enjoy the beautiful countryside. Days off are often spent visiting the Panama Canal or one of the country's beautiful beaches.

At a Glance

Capital: Panama


Official language: Spanish


Land Area: 29,157 sq mi


Population: 3,405,813


Per Capita GDP (Nominal): $7,592


Currency: Balboa, U.S. dollar (PAB, USD)