Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, suffered under civil war and military coups for over forty years. In 1999, a democratically elected civilian leadership took control, and since then, the country has remained relatively stable. Throughout the turmoil, one organization, Nigerian Christian Hospital, provided hope and comfort to the people by remaining in continuous operation.


Patient care in Nigeria

This hospital was founded by Dr. Henry Farrar, Bill Nicks and Doug Lawyer in 1964. Today it is operated by International Health Care Foundation. In 2001, Dr. Bailey traveled to Nigeria on a medical missionary trip, and after working alongside Dr. Farrar, Dr. Bailey said it was "the greatest honor in his missionary career."


The Nigerian Christian Hospital accepts volunteers for both long and short term tours. It is a great training experience for new medical professionals, especially those interested in surgery. Volunteers also participate in mobile medical clinics and sometimes work at another facility associated with the organization, the Palmer Memorial Hospital.

At a Glance

Capital: Abuja


Official language: English


Land Area: 356,667 sq mi


Population: 167,000,000


Per Capita GDP (Nominal): $1,541


Currency: Naira (NGN)