Nicaragua is one of the poorest nations in Central America and endured a ten year civil war that ended in 1990. To help the many medically under-served in this country, BandS participates in clinics that are organized by Olive Branch Ministries International. This organization opened its first clinic in 1997, and now has about a half dozen clinics around the country.


Pediatric care in Nicaragua

BandS contributes by providing volunteers and supplies for trips that usually last about nine days. Each trip usually focuses on one particular clinic because the need in each area is so great. It is not uncommon for a crowd of 2000 to gather, and a typical clinic will treat 300 to 500 people a day. These clinics provide medical, dental, and optical care, but it is interesting that the line for eyeglasses is usually the longest.


Because of the large crowds, volunteers often put in long days. The accommodations are somewhat primitive, so this trip requires seasoned travelers. However Nicaragua is a beautiful country and the people are always grateful. So most volunteers find that the rewards far exceed the challenge.

At a Glance

Capital: Managua


Official language: Spanish


Land Area: 50,193 sq mi


Population: 5,891,199


Per Capita GDP (Nominal): $1,126


Currency: Córdoba (NIO)