In 1970, when Dr. Bailey moved to Texas and began his private dental practice, he also began volunteering for medical missionary trips to Mexico. Over the years, he has made many excursions, working in many different states, with a variety of non-profit organizations and local physicians. It was during this time that Dr. Bailey developed an approach to humanitarian work that would become the framework for the operations of BandS.


Dentistry in Mexico

Dr. Bailey's primary concern has always been to follow in the footsteps of Christ by helping heal those who are least able to help themselves. This often meant traveling to the most rural areas in Mexico where he worked and slept in primitive conditions. And because his primary concern was reaching as many people as possible, he worked with whatever organization was already on the ground and doing the most good.


Dr. Bailey also believes in doing whatever he can to help the local medical community. So in Mexico, he also worked with local doctors and dentists, providing them with extra supplies or helping instruct them in new techniques. Recruiting other volunteers has also been an important part of Dr. Bailey's mission, and he has always acted as a mentor to new recruits.


Although BandS is not currently working in Mexico, we still have many contacts there and can place anyone interested with the right organization. Opportunities vary greatly, although they are usually in remote areas where conditions can be primitive.

At a Glance

Capital: Mexico City


Official language: Spanish


Land Area: 761,606 sq mi


Population: 112,322,757


Per Capita GDP (Nominal): $9,489


Currency: Peso (MXN)