Kenya has some of the most successful agricultural regions in Africa, yet poverty and unemployment are still major problems, especially in its larger cities. For several years, BandS has been working with a local organization called Made In The Streets that helps children who are living on the streets in the Eastleigh slums of Nairobi.


Training Facility

MITS has a facility in Eastleigh that provides counseling and training to trouble youths and when possible, they are given an opportunity to live at a boarding program just outside Niarobi called Kamulu. This facility provides an escape from the harsh conditions of the street to a more supportive rural environment. BandS has traveled to Kenya to operate medical clinics based out of Kamulu where they treat street children as well as the MITS staff, the majority of which are native to the region. We have also conducted field clinics to help the under-served in local rural areas.


In 2008, BandS used a portion of the John Connor Brown Memorial Fund to build a training center for MITS located near Kamulu. This facility trains older teenagers for work in the food service and cosmetology industries. BandS provided funds for building construction, and another organization, Caris Foundation International, helped provide equipment and furnishings.


Caris Foundation International has a wide range of projects throughout Africa, and BandS is working with them on another project in Malindi, a city on the southeastern coast of Kenya. It's here that Caris has a team working with a group of single mothers, and this team has helped open the door for BandS to conduct medical mission trips that provide dental clinics as well as surgical groups to help several hospitals with their backlog of surgeries. Caris Foundation International has been sponsoring this mission since 2009. Watch Video


Kenya is a beautiful country and BandS has partnered with two very well known and respected organizations here. Trips usually last about two weeks and both working and living conditions are good. Like all mission trips, the work can be challenging, but there are also days off that can be spent enjoying the African culture and amazing scenery. Depending on the destination, there are opportunities to visit safari nature preserves or some of the gorgeous beaches.

At a Glance

Capital: Nairobi


Official languages: Swahili, English


Land Area: 224,080 sq mi


Population: 41,070,934


Per Capita GDP (Nominal): $875


Currency: Kenyan shilling (KES)