On December 26, 2004, a massive earthquake in the Indian Ocean resulted in a series of devastating tsunamis that hit Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and India. This catastrophe became one of the biggest natural disasters in modern history, resulting in over 230,000 people missing or dead. In the past, Dr. Bailey had made many trips to India with his father who was a long-time missionary, and had established many churches, orphanages, and a hospital in the country. So when Dr. Bailey was asked by the Caris Foundation to accompany them to India to aid in the relief effort, he was happy to do so.


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Dr. Bailey traveled to the state of Tamil Nadu on the southeast tip of India. Working with the staff of Phillips hospital in Tambaram, they loaded trucks with relief supplies and headed south along the coast. Some relief organizations and government agencies were already working in the area, so Dr. Bailey traveled about four hours south until he found some villages that had not yet seen any relief.


Understanding the scope of the disaster is not easy to do, and the desperation of the people was immense. Large areas along the coast were completely destroyed, thousands of people were dead or missing, and without help, the survivors were facing starvation. Thanks to the generosity of the Caris Foundation, the team was able to distribute relief to four different villages and one orphanage.


The relief process lasted about a week, and the group made multiple trips to the villages, taking everything from rice and dehydrated food, to stoves, cooking pots and utensils. There was also a need for shelter, blankets and buckets to provide people with a basic existence, as they began to rebuild their lives. Because BandS is a medical missionary group, aiding in a relief effort is not a typical project, however it demonstrates the flexibility of the organization to help wherever there is a need.

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Capital: New Delhi


Official languages: Hindi, English


Land Area: 1,269,219 sq mi


Population: 1,210,193,422


Per Capita GDP (Nominal): $1,527


Currency: Indian rupee (INR)