Ghana is located on the West Coast of Africa, and until the 1860s, it was an integral part of the slave trade. Today, it's economy is mainly based on agriculture, and although it has a higher per capita output than most of its neighbors, poverty is still a major problem.


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One organization working to help is a non-profit group based in Arkansas called Ghana West Africa Missions. This organization raises funds for the Village of Hope Orphanage where BandS conducts medical missions.


Trips to Ghana usually last two weeks and volunteers may stay at the Village of Hope, where both the working and living facilities are good. In Ghana, most small rural villages are actually extended family units or tribes, and the clinics service some of the local tribes, as well as the orphans. Some trips may also include mobile clinics. For example, one such clinic was conducted at a camp for Liberian refugees.


The people in Ghana are some of the friendliest in West Africa, and they have a great culture. On days off, volunteers can visit old European fortresses that were constructed during the slave trade. Ghana also has great beaches and national parks.

At a Glance

Capital: Accra


Official language: English


Land Area: 92,098 sq mi


Population: 24,233,431


Per Capita GDP (Nominal): $1,587


Currency: Ghana cedi (GHS)