Because China is such a huge geographical region containing twenty percent of the worlds population, it is sometimes described as many different countries rolled into one. And although it is quickly modernizing, there are still millions of people who live in poverty. So BandS first went to China to participate in clinics organized by the Chinese Agape Foundation located in Georgia. We contributed by providing volunteers and supplies, and Dr. Bailey also lectured at one of their dental schools.


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On these early trips, we recognized a need that is unique to China. In an attempt to control their large population, the Chinese government has limited each family to only one child. However, because many people depend on this child to care for them in their old age, they will sometimes abandon it if it has a birth defect. So we have begun funding operations to correct common problems such as cleft lips or palates, congenital heart disease, and spina-bifada. Watch Video


Another special project that BandS became involved in is Momma Jo's Orphanage. Seeing a need for abandoned children and the elderly who have no family, we helped in the development of a new orphanage that was funded by the Caris Foundation and is now being operated by the Chinese Agape Foundation.


Another recent project is the John Connor Brown Christian Care Center in Nannin, a children’s home built in honor of Dr. Bailey's grandson. This home for orphans now cares for 100 children. See Slideshow


Because of the travel time to China and the distances traveling within the country, this trip can last anywhere from fourteen to eighteen days. Working conditions are usually good, as are the overnight accommodations. The Chinese government does have more restrictions and requires more oversight than most countries, but we are always careful to work within their requirements. On days off, volunteers also have some amazing places to visit, such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City in Beijing, and the Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi'an.

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Capital: Beijing


Official language: Mandarin


Land Area: 3,704,427 sq mi


Population: 1,339,724,852


Per Capita GDP (Nominal): $5,184


Currency: Chinese yuan (CNY)