Decades of war and internal conflict have left the Kingdom of Cambodia one of the world's poorest countries. 90% of Cambodia's poor live in isolated, rural areas without access to adequate health care, education or economic opportunities.


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BandS partnered with other organizations to help support Sokhom and Phaline Hun coordinate a medical and eye clinic in 2010. Sokhom is a Pol Pot survivor who suffered many hardships. He suffered the loss of sixteen family members who were tortured and killed by the Khmer Rouge. He returned to his homeland so God can use him to bless the people of Cambodia. Watch Video


Medical missions provide a launching pad for Sokhom’s ministry as he establishes and strengthens the church in Cambodia. In January 2010, a mission took place in several villages with over 8,800 Cambodians receiving medical treatment. 1,956 villagers received eye exams and prescription glasses. BandS provided financial support, medicines and two portable I-Test vision scanners.


In addition to supporting the medical missions, BandS supports a chicken and quail project to help preachers become self-sustaining. They are taught how to construct housing for the hens and proper care and feeding. Dr. Bailey visited the Huns in November 2010 and surveyed locations for new churches and outlying villages for possible sites for medical missions. Watch Video

At a Glance

Capital: Phnom Penh


Official language: Khmer


Land Area: 69,898 sq mi


Population: 14,805,358


Per Capita GDP (Nominal): $1,040


Currency: Riel, U.S. Dollar (KHR, USD)