One word cannot express warm greetings, sincere gratitude, and a hope that your generosity will continue. So I will try to express all this in a few short lines. As I go through the mailing list I am reminded of how many loved ones and friends are a part of this ministry. I am so thankful for your involvement. We depend on so many people to make this ministry function. This report is the result of a lot of work by those who volunteer their time and talents. Even the printing and publishing is a generous gift from an anonymous donor. In years past, December has been our most successful fund raising month. Many of you looked over the previous year and decided to share generously. We believe this year will be no exception. We hope this report will cause you to rejoice in what has been accomplished by your generosity and the Grace of God.
– John Bailey

Learning English Will Change Their Lives!

The opening of our school is very important to so many children and parents in this area of Can Tho City, Vietnam, because it is the only English school in an area that has many farmers and poor people – people who are not able to afford financially for their children to go to other English schools in the area.


The Anh Ngu 586 English Center officially opened on June 12, 2015, after six months working on getting it registered. Currently, the school has 137 students. More than 70% of our students would not be able to learn English if we were not providing this affordable opportunity for them. See Slideshow


After learning English for only six months at our school, many children passed their English exam in public school in their first semester of the year. Learning English makes a huge difference in getting into college and in the type of career path that will be available for them in the future.


The school has been receiving much praise for it’s positive presence in the community. We have received official commendations from the local government for the good work we’re doing.


While providing English skills is our priority, another important mission is to teach the Word of God. Evangelizing is not easy in Vietnam, but we are able to offer the students the opportunity to learn the gospel in the context of learning English. We have found some children and teenagers who are willing to learn the Bible. After six months of operation, we are very pleased with the interest so far.


To see a video about the school from John Bailey’s and Greg Smith’s recent trip in November, please click here: Watch Video


– by Ngan Huynh, Anh Ngu 586 English Center Director

Give Someone Sight for Only $140!

Those of us at BandS cannot begin to express to you how thankful we are for your giving.


Because you are not “becoming weary in doing good” there are 742 eyes in Indonesia that are able to see again. In March the surgical team was able to repair 533 eyes in Northern Sumatra, and in October the team was able to complete 209 more eye surgeries on the island of Nias.


Your continued support over the years has enabled us to operate now on 5,267 eyes. We were able this year, due to the favorable exchange rate, to perform these surgeries below our target cost of $140 per eye. Our hope and plan is to perform at least 700 more of these life changing cataract removals in 2016, and we ask for your help. Just $140 will change the life of someone who cannot afford to have the surgery without you. Watch Video


When you donate the standard price of $140 for one cataract surgery, you will actually be providing two. Caris Foundation has graciously offered to provide a matching fund grant for up to 350 eyes. See Slideshow


As always, we couldn’t get all of this done without the tireless work of Marganda Marbun and Erni Lim in Indonesia. Marganda works with the surgical team to visit future surgical sites, inform the public of upcoming surgical screening opportunities, screen patients, and arrange the logistics of each trip. Erni Lim provides accounting services to help us maintain financial efficiency and integrity.


Thank you again for your generous giving and your continued prayers.

– by Danny Carrigan, BandS Board Member, Indonesia Coordinator

Put a Smile on a Child’s Face!

BandS still assists those who need help in the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda in late November, 2013, and one of the ways that is done is through the Tree of Life Program.


Many schoolage children who cannot afford the fees, uniforms, and other costs, do not attend school. BandS pays these fees, and in return, the children are fed, tutored, attend worship services, and are recognized on special holidays. Once a month, each child receives food for their families. There are currently about 100 children in the program at a cost of $35 a month per child.


Cleft and palate deformities are more common in the Philippines and BandS funds a program to treat these children. Currently, we pay for five surgeries a month. More children need the surgery, but funds are limited. The surgeon at the local hospital donates her services, but additional costs add up to about $250. As we approach the end of an exciting year, filled with these exciting opportunities, please consider funding a child’s education or corrective surgery.


Give a Christmas gift that will literally change a child’s life.

– by Bill Lawrence, BandS Board Member, Philippines Coordinator



Body and Soul Ministries has no office expense or salaries and spends 100% of funds directly on projects. All travel expenses for Dr. Bailey are paid for by Caris Foundation International. We have a working fund that pays for reporting and administrative expenses. We hope you will consider making a contribution.



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