Thanks to your overwhelming generosity, Body and Soul Ministries continues to be blessed with opportunities to change the lives of people under the banner of Jesus Christ. Because of your largesse people who didn’t know Christ have come to know him; children have been given the opportunity for a better life; and patients have received life-altering medical care. Here are some of the projects you’ve supported this quarter.
– John Bailey

Eye Surgery Camp

Rosdiana is a sweet gentle great grandmother, probably like someone you know or remember. Blessed with a large family including the son and granddaughter who sat smiling with her outside the hospital in Perdagangan, Northern Sumatra, Indonesia.


Rosdiana loves to cook and enjoys holding the youngest member of her family, a great granddaughter only one year old. Until now, though, while she enjoys holding the baby, she has never been able to see her. Watch Video


This March, Body and Soul Ministries was able to complete cataract removal surgery on 533 eyes in three locations in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. At Balige Hospital we completed surgery on 124 eyes, then at Perdagangan Hospital another 229 eyes, and at our final location in Batubara, 180 eyes. This brings our total to 5,058 eye surgeries completed in Indonesia since 2006 through your support of Body and Soul Ministries. We can’t just show up and operate on eyes though, we have to lay the groundwork throughout the year in order to arrive at these locations and have screened patients ready to regain their sight. See Slideshow


We couldn’t get all of this done without the tireless work of Marganda Marbun and Erni Lim in Indonesia. Marganda works with the surgical team to visit future surgical sites, inform the public of upcoming surgical screening opportunities, screen patients, and arrange the logistics of each trip. Erni Lim provides accounting services to help us maintain financial efficiency and integrity. They both do a wonderful job and this March’s camp was conducted efficiently, under budget, and perhaps most importantly, in a way that honors patients as “made in the image of God.”


Thanks again for all of your prayers and financial support!

– Danny Carrigan, BandS Board Member, Indonesia Coordinator

Medical Missions & Children’s Program

The Philippines is a delightful and exotic country, with countless miles of beaches and shorelines, fields of waving palm trees, and an endless bounty of smiling friendly people. BandS is privileged to participate in a small way in the spreading of God’s word in this wonderful paradise on earth.


Over the last few years, BandS has been involved in disaster relief, church construction, home repair, programs designed to help children stay in school, and in medical missions. Going to the Philippines, investigating opportunities, and enjoying the company of families, workers, and children is a true blessing.


In 2015, BandS has focused on two major areas: medical missions and children’s programs. The Good News Clinic in Cebu has shifted into newly-renovated offices at a reduced cost that should reduce operating costs while providing an attractive environment for patients. This clinic also sponsors medical missions on the island of Cebu that provides assistance to those least likely to find affordable care. The Tree of Life program provides educational support to children in the northern part of the island of Cebu, giving them an opportunity for personal advancement that would otherwise be difficult, at best.


In return, those touched by these programs learn about God and his will in their lives. Medical assistance is provided in cooperation with Churches of Christ located in remote areas and a swelling of attendance is directly attributable to this assistance. Children at the Arapal Christian Camp attend Saturday seminars where they are tutored in basic educational courses, Philippine culture, and the Bible. They attend worship services on Sunday at the Arapal Church of Christ and are required to maintain good grades in school.


The US dollar goes a long way in the Philippines. For a relatively small amount of money, the ill receive care and children are provided with the means to remain and do well in school. In addition to these two major areas, BandS is still involved in church construction, home and civic center development, and this summer, will fund Vacation Bible Schools throughout the island of Cebu.


Please consider supporting these efforts. Money given to BandS is earmarked as requested, and directing money to the Philippines will ensure support that is effective, and is eagerly and gratefully received. See Slideshow

– Bill Lawrence, BandS Board Member, Philippines Coordinator

Vietnamese School

Our ongoing efforts to develop a school in Can Tho City, Vietnam has made considerable progress and should be complete and ready for operation in May or June this year.


As you know Ngan Huynh is our local Vietnamese contact. She is a talented and well-trained US college graduate and is crucial to BandS’ success in Vietnam. Here’s a snipet from a letter she recently wrote to Dr. Bailey giving an update of the progress:


Dear Dr. Bailey,

How are you and Mrs. Rosalyn doing? Everything is fine here. Here are some pictures inside the classrooms. There are three classrooms. Two classrooms are for middle and high school students; one classroom is for primary students. We have moved in some furniture (chairs and tables, whiteboards) and installed telephone and internet. We still have one more document to turn in to the Ministry of Education of Can Tho City, and we will need to get signatures from the local police and from the district police. I feel we will get the licence, but takes little time.

Wish you have a good day! Love you both! – Ngan



Body and Soul Ministries has no office expense or salaries and spends 100% of funds directly on projects. All travel expenses for Dr. Bailey are paid for by Caris Foundation International. We have a working fund that pays for reporting and administrative expenses. We hope you will consider making a contribution.



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