Thanks to your overwhelming generosity, Body and Soul Ministries continues to be blessed with opportunities to change the lives of people under the banner of Jesus Christ. Because of your largesse people who didn’t know Christ have come to know him; children have been given the opportunity for a better life; and patients have received life-altering medical care. Here are some of the projects you’ve supported this quarter.
– John Bailey


From the beginning of BandS we have teamed with other organizations in doing work around the world. This has been true in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Mexico, Cambodia, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria and a number of other countries. However, our first real partnership was with Chinese Agape. This is an amazing organization headed by Director, Ron Brown. We have worked together in building two orphanages, doing surgeries on more than 200 cleft lips and palates and medical clinics in several places in China. In June 2014, ten of our orphaned children graduate from university. I wish I had time and space to tell their stories and for you to read their letters of gratitude they wrote to their sponsors. Li Lu Lu is one of our graduates that was cared for in Momma Jo’s House. She graduated with a degree in music performance and will begin her teaching career in a few weeks. In a letter of gratitude to her sponsors she wrote, “Thank you for giving me a selfless love for many years. It is HIS love which let me be happy all the time. I don’t feel family misfortune is sad because of all HE has done for me.” In other good news from John Connor Brown Christian Care Center, we learned that there have been more than a dozen baptisms in recent weeks. See Li Lu Lu's Letter


While BandS has been involved in the Philippines for years, current relief efforts began following the October 13 earthquake on the island of Bohol, and the November 13 invasion of Typhoon Yolanda. Initial efforts focused on providing the basics of food, water, and shelter, have continued to expand over three visits in the past seven months.


On the island of Bohol, Churches of Christ in the barangays (townships) of Dai Norte and Sagbayan have been rebuilt. By the time the first visit was conducted, these churches had already begun to rebuild, but were out of money and supplies. We supplied funds to complete rebuilding these churches to meet not only spiritual needs of the community, but also serve as community centers and include upgraded living quarters for the ministers and their families. These relatively small amounts of money have produced strong, finished buildings that are a credit to the barangays and the Christians involved. John and Ellen Jumao-as have been instrumental in this effort.


On the island of Cebu, where the typhoon was centered, initial efforts focused on restoration of the central building at the Arapal Christian Camp. Funds have also been furnished to three Churches of Christ in the northern part of Cebu and, in Cebu City, to the Good News Medical Clinic, a Church of Christ-supported medical clinic for those without government assistance. More significant funds have been given in an effort being conducted in conjunction with other relief agencies to relocate 52 devastated families from a small island to a new barangay on Bantayan Island north of Cebu. The BandS effort is focused on assisting in the construction of a larger Church of Christ which will also serve as a central community center and shelter against future storms. The 52 homes being constructed have concrete floors, septic systems, and power, with centralized water sources. These homes will serve as havens for those dispossessed by the typhoon. Luis (Chito) Cusi, a Cebu-based Christian contractor, has contributed significantly of his money, time, and expertise in spearheading this effort. Chito also understands the need to work, and is building fishing boats for all of the families.


Although world interest in the Philippines disasters has abated, needs in more remote areas continue to arise. Many opportunities exist to assist children from abusive or parentless families. Other churches and communities must have assistance to recover. The poor in remote areas cry out for medical assistance. Limited emergency funds have been provided in some cases.


None of this would have been possible without the unrestricted and limitless support of Salma Perocha, a tireless Cebu Christian who, almost single-handedly organizes and schedules virtually all of the necessary financing, logistics, and planning. Your support is vital to these efforts, whether by regular gifts, one-time donations, or simply prayers. Not everyone can be privileged to travel to these locations and reap the benefits of seeing the improvements in lives but we all can have a part in these rehabilitation efforts being conducted in the name of Christ and to the glory of God. See Slideshow

– Bill Lawrence, BandS Board Member



Body and Soul Ministries has no office expense or salaries and spends 100% of funds directly on projects. All travel expenses for Dr. Bailey are paid for by Caris Foundation International. We have a working fund that pays for reporting and administrative expenses. We hope you will consider making a contribution.



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