Thanks to your overwhelming generosity, Body and Soul Ministries continues to be blessed with opportunities to change the lives of people under the banner of Jesus Christ. Because of your largesse people who didn’t know Christ have come to know him; children have been given the opportunity for a better life; and patients have received life-altering medical care. Here are some of the projects you’ve supported this quarter.
– John Bailey


On January 15 my grandson Hutton, my daughter Lee Ann, my good friend Greg Smith and I journeyed to Cambodia to witness the amazing work that Mike Meierhofer and Sokhom Hun oversee annually. This year 11,934 patients received dental, medical and optometric care. While patients are being treated, optional Bible classes were offered to anyone that was interested. As a result, 64 people who had never heard of Jesus were baptized and introduced to local church leaders. There are dozens of house churches across rural Cambodia that attend this camp to ensure that those who find Jesus also find a church group to support them. Mike and Sokhom will be returning to the locations in August to continue teaching. See Slideshow


After a few days with the medical camp, we traveled to Can Tho, Vietnam, to take stock of the work being done by Ngan Huynh. Ngan runs an English school for the poor, which provides underprivileged children with a skill that can eventually lead to employment opportunities. One particular night, the students joined us at the school for a Chinese New Years Celebration. Nearly 100 students ranging in age from 5 to 17 came and sang for us, demonstrating what they’d learned. We also had the opportunity to talk with local hospital administrators about the possibility of a medical mission in Can Tho. On Sunday we were able to witness the spiritual impact of Ngan’s school as more than 75 people, children from the school and their parents, gathered for morning worship. We will continue to partner with Ngan and the work she’s doing in Vietnam. She’s an amazing woman, and cares deeply for these kids. See Slideshow


Danny Carrigan, a good friend of Body and Soul Ministries, traveled in my stead to Indonesia for the annual eye camps we sponsor in Northern Sumatra. Between the camps in Sidikalang and Simalungun, local surgeons removed 239 cataracts. Danny met with government officials to discuss future eye camps. They requested that we expand our operation to performing 900 surgeries every year, nearly doubling our current average of around 500. It’s been amazing watching God grow this project since the tsunami in 2010. We are encouraged at the prospect of helping more people receive the gift of sight.


On March 27, Hutton and I traveled to Cebu, Philippines via Singapore to look at the work that’s been going on there. In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, the Filipinos have rallied to provide what care they can for their people. Our building in Arapal, which served as a shelter during the storm, is currently being reconstructed. The progress they had made so far was amazing. But more than the building, the spiritual movement occurring in Arapal is touching hundreds. We were told that more than 400 people have been meeting in a tent to worship Christ every Sunday. One of the projects that BandS has become involved with is the construction of small churches in rural Northern Cebu. Thanks to a partnership with Bill Lawrence, BandS is helping construct several small buildings, which will serve as meeting places for people who would otherwise have to walk several hours to find a church. On April 3, Hutton and I took a ferry over to Bohol to look at a couple of church buildings that had been destroyed in the earthquake that took place last October. We will be helping them rebuild their facilities.


Occasionally people approach us in need of financial assistance for their own ministries around the world, and BandS is happy to help in whatever way we can. Many of you have heard of the recent conflict in South Sudan. Dennis Cady approached us, asking if we could help Starfish Foundation restore their school and provide relief for the people affected by the violence. We also helped Tyrone Mynnier with his work in South Sudan. We paid for several children to receive medical attention through Made in the Streets in Kenya and supported medical missions in Nigeria. Closer to home, we helped support Church of Christ North in Pharr, Texas, with some of their church planting and mission projects. We also gave some support to Chad and Micah Baker, missionaries outside of Rio de Janeiro. Helping people across the world reminds us of the global impact God has on this earth.



Body and Soul Ministries has no office expense or salaries and spends 100% of funds directly on projects. All travel expenses for Dr. Bailey are paid for by Caris Foundation International. We have a working fund that pays for reporting and administrative expenses. We hope you will consider making a contribution.



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