2013 was a good year. We were privileged to witness small miracles happen over and over again across the globe. We are truly blessed to participate in God’s good works, and that blessing is made possible by your generosity. Thank you for being our partner.
– John Bailey


Earlier this year BandS had the opportunity to sponsor Jerry Burgess, DDS, to travel with a medical team led by Robert Mahaffey, MD, through the Broken Arrow Church of Christ in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. It was a privilege to partner with Dr. Burgess to aid the people of Belize.


Body and Soul continues to support Health Talents International and their work in Guatemala. This year 49 cataract surgeries were completed and 5 clefts were repaired. Health Talents International is an organization that has been serving people around the world for 40 years. It is a pleasure to work with such a devoted organization.


In June, Caris and BandS led another surgical team into Malindi, Kenya, completing 103 major surgeries. Despite the fact that the Tawfiq Hospital was undergoing a major construction project, our team worked beyond the obstacles to help the people of Kenya.

Each camp presents itself with different challenges, some more cumbersome than others, but the fact remains that when there is a team that truly desires to help someone there is very little that can stop them. See Slideshow


Dr. Burgess also worked with the team that BandS was a part of in January, serving the people of Cambodia under the leadership of Sokhom Hun and Mike Meierhofer. A team consisting of 26 physicians, 5 dentists, 2 optometrists and one acupuncturist, from the U.S., Cambodia, and the Philippines, worked out of 4 villages and treated 14,606 patients. Bible classes were taught each day, and as many as 300 people heard the story of Jesus each day, many for the first time. See Slideshow


BandS continues to work with Ron Brown and Agape China to serve in different capacities with the poor of that nation. The money that we give to Ron helps sponsor several projects including the Connor’s Christian Care Center children’s home in Tenyon and a new hospital currently being constructed.


In March, Greg Smith and I worked in two locations in Northern Sumatra: Simalungun and Sidikalang, where 295 cataracts were removed. In the month of October, Hutton and I travelled to Nias to partake in the annual cataract camp that takes place on that island. In partnership with the Caris Foundation, BandS was able to witness 191 cataract surgeries in less than two days. At the conclusion of the camp, we negotiated with the local authorities to return twice in 2014 in order to continue providing medical care in Indonesia. See Slideshow and Watch Video


BandS began to work with a young Vietnamese woman who graduated from Oklahoma Christian University with an MBA in May of 2013. Her desire to help her homeland, coupled with an aptitude for business, has led Ngan Huynh to start an English school near her home. The school is overfilled, and has a waiting list of students that desire to learn. We are looking forward to visiting with her in January.


Coupled with our trip to Indonesia was a stop in the Philippines to observe some of our ongoing projects on the island of Cebu. Nearly all of the girls that we sponsored after the mudslide in Leyte have since graduated college. After leaving the Philippines, we were made aware of an earthquake that struck the island of Bohol. While we were in the process of gearing up for a trip to aid these people, Typhoon Haiyan struck, killing thousands and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless. The storm severely damaged the building at Arapal that BandS built in 2009. After meeting with several nonprofits including Disaster Alliance, the Missions Resource Network, and the Christian Relief Fund, a plan was formed to help the Philippines. The partnership with these charities focuses on dividing and conquering while maintaining a uniform approach to aiding the Philippines. A team consisting of representatives from a few of the nonprofits in the partnership left for the Philippines in early December to observe and report on the best ways in which to help. Bill Lawrence, a friend and tremendously experienced volunteer in the third world, is representing BandS and helping us decide the best way to proceed. Including the rebuilding of Arapal, which is still in progress, BandS has purchased several water filters to be distributed around the area and sent money to the Good News Clinic. We want to thank those of you who chose to give for your tremendous response in the face of this disaster. We couldn’t do what we do without you. See Slideshow


On October 31, Greg Smith, Hutton Brown, Dr. Jim Wilson and I left for Ethiopia to explore an opportunity at the Soddo Christian Hospital. The physicians at Soddo not only provide medical care to their immediate area, but also train nationals to venture into other areas that lack proper medical attention, all under the canopy of spreading God’s word in Ethiopia. Along the way we met Mindy and Dereje Aleme, a couple who decided to start a church in a low income-housing neighborhood in Addis Ababa. Their love for the Lord and their heart for people will create light in a dark place. We will be following their work closely. See Slideshow



Body and Soul Ministries has no office expense or salaries and spends 100% of funds directly on projects. All travel expenses for Dr. Bailey are paid for by Caris Foundation International. We have a working fund that pays for reporting and administrative expenses. We hope you will consider making a contribution.



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