2011 was a busy and profitable year. We had moments along the way when we wondered if the service opportunities were greater than our resources. In retrospect, we never had to say no to any project we wanted to begin or continue because we lacked the funds or the volunteers. On more than one occasion opportunities were greater than we expected. However, there was always money on hand to cover the costs. Our partnership with the Caris Foundation is a great blessing. They have allowed Dr. Bailey to take time from his office duties to travel when and wherever he is needed. All of Dr. Bailey’s personal travel expenses are paid by Caris. This is one of the main reasons we can truthfully say that all contributions given to BandS Ministries go directly into the work being done. We have money on hand, in a separate account to cover all other overhead expenses. It is a profound honor for me to play a small part in the life-changing work of BandS – to be able to assist in showing you, the contributors, the fruit of your labor by documenting many of our mission projects. Once again, your generosity and love for the work we do makes all of this possible.
– This End of Year Report was produced and edited by Greg S. Smith, BandS Ministries


We have continued our physical therapy clinic in Haiti through 2011. We must make a decision in the next few days as to whether we will continue this project for another year. We believe this clinic has proven to be a great blessing to a large number of people who suffered fractures and loss of limbs in the January 12, 2010 earthquake that killed over 200,000 people and injured thousands more.


Sokhom Hun

BandS was a major part of the medical clinic conducted in Cambodia, beginning on January 6, 2011. Dr. Bailey was accompanied by his grandson Hutton Brown, Danny Carrigan, and Terry Doughty. Our personal involvement as care givers was not the only way we contributed. BandS purchased many of the medications used in treating 14,714 patients. We also provided transportation costs of dentists from the Philippines, who treated hundreds of patients. We have worked with them on several medical missions, and they are a great team.


It was a new experience for most of us to work out of a Buddhist Temple or a Muslim Mosque. We set up a dental clinic, a center for testing eyes and distributing glasses, and a place for physicians to examine and treat patients. It was a very smooth operating clinic. We enjoyed eating the meals the ladies fixed on the wood burning fires on the grounds. There were no stoves.


Sokhom Hun led this very successful mission. He is a Cambodian who is a survivor of the Killing Fields. Watch Video His passion to help his fellow Cambodians is obvious and it was a pleasure to work with him. We witnessed 93 believers being baptized into Christ. Sokhom is doing a remarkable job in sharing the Good News in his homeland. Watch Video

The Philippines

Dr. Bailey and friends

The Philippines is still a meaningful part of our work. We have invested a lot in these islands, both monetarily and emotionally. We have long supported the orphan and feeding programs as well as the Good News Medical Clinic. See Slideshow For the past several years we have contributed to evangelistic programs that include sponsoring our high school and college age orphans in teaching Vacation Bible Schools. In 2011 they conducted 12 schools. We also pay preachers' travel expenses to places where churches need help.


It is very gratifying to visit these young men and women who have been a part of our program for several years, and to see them as productive workers in society and in the churches. We did sponsor several who were eligible to take the National Teacher’s Exam. The results are not available, but we expect good results. In 2008, Dr. Bailey interviewed several of the orphans who had survived the Leyte mudslides, Watch Video, and was able to interview a few of them again on this trip in October, to catch-up on their new lives. See Slideshow and Watch Video


Eye Surgery

We made three trips into Indonesia in 2011. BandS partnered with Caris Foundation International and T.E.A.R.S. International in completing 714 eye surgeries. These were done on the island of Nias, in Batak Land and in the city of Medan. Since the inception of this ministry, we have completed 3037 cataract surgeries in Indonesia.


Dr. Bailey was accompanied by Danny Carrigan and Greg Smith in October for the surgery camp at the Gunung Sitoli Hospital on Nias. This was our “best-ever” camp, where we completed 267 surgeries. See Slideshow and Watch Video


We are wanting to increase this work and at only $125 per eye, it is a real bargain. Please consider donating to this project.


We also were able to visit Connor’s House in Jakarta. Dr. Bailey and Danny Carrigan were fortunate to be there for the official opening of this nice facility. We follow that ministry with a great deal of interest and pride.


On our most recent trip to Nias, we were able to meet with Dennis Cady. It was a real joy to have him show us some of the incredible work God is doing through him on Nias. We have been a supporter of the Yokobed House for several years. All the children who call this place home, were taken from situations where their ability to survive was questionable. You would be blessed to see them now. All of them are in school, well fed and well cared for. BandS purchased a water purification system a few months ago, and the effect of the pure water in the health of the children is already visible. See Slideshow


Kenyan Surgery

The largest single venture we do each year are the surgical camps in Kenya. In June 2011 our team consisted of 4 surgeons, 5 anesthesiologists, 13 nurses, 2 physician assistants and a host of support staff. We completed 168 major surgical procedures over a two week period. Our team members came from North Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Canada, Texas, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky and South Carolina.


We worked out of two hospitals and used four operating tables.


A second mission was done in September. This was a smaller camp and we only worked out of one hospital. However, one of the great accomplishments was the organization of storage rooms for our equipment and supplies. We try to become more efficient and effective each time we go.


Even though this work is accomplished through the great sacrifice of these professionals, we find them willing to come year after year to make the same or greater sacrifice. It is a joy to stand on the giving side of human need. Just ask them.


We need to give credit to the Caris Kenya team for the preparation they made for our stay there. Caris Foundation International has been sponsoring this mission since 2009. Watch Video


BandS also supports work in other parts of Kenya. We work with Made In The Streets in Nairobi, the Ring Road Orphanage in Kisumu and the Mehenzo Church Development Project at Nine Poles, near Malindi and special gifts to victims of flood, drought and illness.


Cheng Jin

At the John Connor Brown Christian Care Center in Nannin, a children’s home built in honor of John Connor Brown, the kitchen/dining room has been completed and furnished with cooking equipment, refrigerator, miscellaneous food service items, and dining room furniture. This home for orphans now cares for 100 children. The children were all clean, happy, well-fed and enjoying life. That’s what we want to see. They are loving and very thankful for their lives at the care center. They can have hope for their future and hope for eternity. See Slideshow


Our interest in Vietnam is growing. We have helped in buying a boat that is essential to the work of the church there. We also support orphans and those who have been rescued from the streets. We hope to make a survey trip there in 2012 and determine if this is a place where we can effectively work.


This year we helped in the rescue and care of the victims of the tsunami in Japan.


We continue to have a part in the great work that Dr. Brian Camazine is doing at Nigerian Christian Hospital. Dr. Brian does this at great risk and sacrifice. Go to his blog and see for yourself some of the hundreds of surgeries he performs each time he goes.


We have also supported individuals and teams who have been involved in short term medical missions in a number of countries in South and Central America, Africa and in the poverty areas of the USA.



Ron BrownExcerpted from the ACU website: “The ACU Alumni Association has selected Dr. John Bailey (‘57) as the 2010 Outstanding Alumnus of the Year. Blending professional expertise and Christlike compassion, Bailey – a doctor of dental medicine – has served thousands around the world by organizing and participating in medical missions. He’s the founder of Body and Soul Ministries, a non-profit organization providing medical, dental and optical care to people who would otherwise go untreated. ACU president Dr. Phil Schubert (‘91) presented the award to Dr. Bailey on Homecoming Sunday, Oct. 10, 2010.” Download a PDF of the related article from ACU Today (5.3 MB).



A significant percentage of funding for BandS comes in the month of December. We hope you will consider making an end-of-the-year contribution. BandS has no office expense or salaries and spends 100% of funds directly on projects. All travel expenses for Dr. Bailey are paid for by Caris Foundation International. We have a working fund that pays for reporting and administrative expenses.


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