There was no break in the action of our Body and Soul Ministries from 2011 and 2012. Dr. Bailey sends a message of regret for this report being so late. He had back surgery on April 3, and is finding the recovery to be slow and frustrating. This caused him to have to cancel his speaking engagement at the Pepperdine Lectures and numerous other appointments. Your help in financing this ministry is greatly appreciated and a request for prayers for his speedy and complete recovery is solicited as well.
– This report was produced and edited by Greg S. Smith, BandS Ministries


We ended the year with our team in the Philippines helping in the disaster area caused by Typhoon Washi. The clean up is still going on and some of the people we met in the villages were directed to the hospital for further treatment. We are fortunate to have a hard working team of caring Christians in the Philippines, who have become experts in being among the first people to respond when disaster strikes. See Slideshow


While we did not send representatives to Cambodia for the medical mission in January, we did supply funds for the pharmacy. Once again this was a very productive mission and BandS was fortunate to be able to support this team composed of workers from the United States, Cambodia and the Philippines. The people we served were mostly Buddhists and many learned about Jesus Christ for the first time.


We continue to supply the pharmacy at the Ring Road Clinic in Kisumu, Kenya. We have a commitment to do this on a monthly basis for 2012. Our surgical camp in Malindi, Kenya will be June 3-16. We have all of our supplies packed and ready to ship and a very fine team ready to go. Please pray for this mission.


We were pleased to be able to support Health Talents International at the Ezell Clinic, in South Guatemala during their eye and cleft surgery camps. Eighty-seven cataract surgeries were completed and five clefts were repaired. Health Talents International is a great organization, and we enjoy working with them.




Our major projects in Indonesia this quarter were our eye surgery camps. We worked in Samatra in two different villages, Sidikalang and Baligi. The T.E.A.R.S. team in Medan made all of the arrangements for this camp and we were pleased with the number of eyes we were able to operate on. We only had one surgeon at a time in each of the villages, but the total number of cataract surgeries completed was 217. Once again Danny Carrigan represented BandS on this mission and his presence was greatly appreciated. Connor’s House in Jakarta continues to be a blessing to many. We are always happy when we can help Steve Cate and his family who continue to serve there. See Slideshow


While Dr. Bailey has not been to Nigeria for several years, BandS does continue to assist in the work that Dr. Brian Camazine is carrying on at Nigerian Christian Hospital. He does a remarkable job completing a lot of difficult surgeries, but is also training Nigerian doctors. He and his team have recently published a book that will assist many who are treating cancer patients where there is no oncologist. Go to his blog


This is a photo of Sun Ming, a four year old girl who is alive today because of open heart surgery. For several years, we have not participated in this program, but lives can be saved with these surgeries at a cost of $2,000 to $2,500 each. If you would like to help us get back into this life saving work, mark your contributions for “China Heart Surgery.”



Body and Soul Ministries has no office expense or salaries and spends 100% of funds directly on projects. All travel expenses for Dr. Bailey are paid for by Caris Foundation International. We have a working fund that pays for reporting and administrative expenses. We hope you will consider making a contribution.



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