About: Body and Soul Ministries

"Standing on the giving side of human need."   —  Dr. Charles Coulston


At Body and Soul, or BandS Ministries, we take Dr. Coulston's quote to heart and provide free health care in under-developed countries to those people who typically go untreated. We do this by providing an avenue for part-time volunteers to contribute their time, talents, skills and funds, while working hard to use our resources in the most cost effective manner. We maintain a very low overhead, yet focus on reaching out to help as many people as possible.


To this end, we often work with other non-profit organizations that already have facilities in-country. This provides a logistical advantage that lets us focus on providing supplies and recruiting volunteers. BandS also sponsors dedicated surgical programs to help those suffering from debilitating conditions, such as cleft palates or cataracts. These disorders make life extremely difficult, yet they can be remedied with common procedures. In addition to clinics and surgeries, we also take on special development projects. These are usually aimed at enhancing a country's healthcare system, but also include orphanages and disaster relief.


Recruiting volunteers is an important part of our operation. We realize there are many individuals who wish to give something of themselves, but only have a week or two to contribute each year. These people not only receive satisfaction from helping those in need, they also enjoy traveling to a foreign country. And because BandS operates all over the world, volunteers have a variety of trips from which to choose. Each excursion has its own unique living and working conditions, so volunteers are interviewed to find trips that match their travel experience and capabilities.


Another important aspect of BandS is the help we provide to medical communities wherever we travel. Like in medicine, our first rule is "do no harm." So we only participate in clinics that operate in under-served areas where we won't disrupt the private practices of local providers. In fact, we often hire local professionals to work alongside volunteers in an effort to bolster their practice and possibly demonstrate new techniques and treatments.


Whenever BandS hires a local physician, funds a surgery, or takes on a development project, the cost is covered through the generosity of our many donors. And because our modest overhead is already covered by a prearrangement with a generous benefactor, all other donations go directly to helping those in need. At BandS, we greatly appreciate all who contribute by volunteering their time or donating whatever funds they can. If you can help in any way, please go to the "Contribute" section or Click Here.

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BandS Leadership

Dr. John Bailey

John Bailey, a Doctor of Dental Medicine, first began participating in medical mission trips to Mexico during the early 1970s. With his services in high demand, he has worked in many different countries for a variety of volunteer groups, including Christian Missionaries and other types of non-governmental organizations. After his retirement from private practice in 1998, he began traveling on a regular basis with other medical associates, so much so, that it warranted the creation of his own non-profit corporation in 2003. Since then, BandS has continued to grow in scope, improving the lives of people around the world.


"I was blessed with the opportunity to work with Dr. John Bailey on a medical missionary trip. Not only is he caring and compassionate, but he performed incredible dental work in the field under make-shift conditions."

  —  Andrea Green, M.D., F.A.C.E.P.


Dr. Bailey has always been an inspiration to those he's worked with, and many seasoned medical missionaries began volunteering because of his encouragement. When working in the field, Dr. Bailey not only cares for his patients, but he also helps support the other members of the team. Whenever possible, he contributes to the host country's health care system. In the past, he's consulted with local health officials and conducted classes at dental schools and sent supplies to needy areas.


"He not only helped patients, but also served as a mentor and teacher for younger, less experienced dentists on the team, and for the Indonesian nurses and dentists who were also there to help."

  —  Steve Cate, long time missionary in Indonesia


Dr. Bailey's motivation comes from his desire to follow in the footsteps of Christ by helping to heal the sick. His kindness has touched the lives of many, and for those who ask, he is always ready to share his faith. But his generosity has no requirements, for he serves all those in need, regardless of race or religion.


"When he and I worked together on the sick at Nigerian Christian Hospital, I want to say that it was a joy. His knowledge of human nature, his kindness to the very poor (monetarily) and his perceptive analyses of medical, dental, and personal problems was a blessing to behold."

  —  Henry Farrar, M.D., F.A.C.S.


"I have long admired his medical career, but I respect him most for his spiritual qualities: absolute integrity, contagious love of people, deep compassion, gifted preacher of the Word of God. And of course his incurable sense of humor... I unreservedly commend the ministry of Dr. John Bailey: Body and Soul."

  —  Lynn Anderson, Hope Network Ministries