Body and Soul Ministries provides free medical, dental and optical care to those in foreign countries who typically go untreated. This non-profit organization was started by one man, Dr. John Bailey, who desired to volunteer his medical and dental expertise to people without access to the kind of services that are considered common in the United States. Because of his dedicated efforts, an organization of part-time volunteers and financial donors has evolved which, through their generosity, continues to make a profound difference in the lives of people around the world.

Body and Soul Snapshot

BandS Snapshot

I have often wondered whatever became of this little boy with spina bifida and clubbed feet that we saw at Momma Jo's House in Biyang, China in 2007. Seldom do we get to know what happened to the hundreds of patients we see or operate on. I wanted to share a letter we received recently and a video that I think you will find heart-warming:

Hello, Through a crazy internet search I found a video with Dr. Bailey visiting my son in an orphanage in Biyang county China at Mamma Jo's. I still can't believe I found this video. I just wanted to thank you for all you do and give you an update on that poor little boy lying on the bed. He is a ball of fire and so, so smart. We adopted him in July and he had moved from Biyang to a wonderful foster home called Eagle's Wings where he received an excellent education. He is fluent in both English and Mandarin and is a whiz at math. Bethel China provided eye correction surgery for him two years ago and his vision is near perfect. It is just amazing to me to see how God took care of him since birth and placed him just where he needed to be, even if that meant he was without parents for nine long years. – Tanna Smith (Watch Video)

– John Bailey


  • Dear BandS Partners,
    I’ve been told by those who know how to raise money for charities that if you want support you must report. I have been neglectful in reporting to you and have failed to assign the task to others. Please let this be our Thanksgiving thank you, our end-of-the-year report, and our plea to make December the largest contributing month of the year.
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