Body and Soul Ministries provides free medical, dental and optical care to those in foreign countries who typically go untreated. This non-profit organization was started by one man, Dr. John Bailey, who desired to volunteer his medical and dental expertise to people without access to the kind of services that are considered common in the United States. Because of his dedicated efforts, an organization of part-time volunteers and financial donors has evolved which, through their generosity, continues to make a profound difference in the lives of people around the world.

Body and Soul Snapshot

BandS Snapshot

Ngan Huynh is a graduate of Harding University, with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting. She overcame all cultural problems and language barriers and graduated with honors (GPA 3.46). Then she attended Oklahoma Christian University where she received her MBA degree. She even did better in her advanced studies by graduating with a GPA 4.0.

Ngan was born in Can Tho Village, Vietnam. She was raised in a Buddhist family. She became a Christian in 2007. She is eager to get home and continue the life of service to her people and to her Lord and we are eager to introduce her to our supporters. She has taken a business like approach to what she wants to accomplish and we are impressed with her and her plans. We are confident that she is worthy of your support.

And check-out the End of the Year Report 2013 by simply clicking on the “What’s New at BandS?” link above.

– John Bailey


  • Kenya: Surgery Camp
    Our annual surgical mission at Tawfiq Hospital in Malindi was June 1-15. We were able to complete 103 major surgeries.
  • Indonesia: Eye Surgery Camps
    We were able to witness 486 cataract eye surgeries at two different locations in Northern Sumatra and on the island of Nias.
  • Ethiopia
    On October 31, Greg Smith, Hutton Brown, Dr. Jim Wilson and I left for Ethiopia to explore an opportunity at the Soddo Christian Hospital.
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